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Using Offerwalls to Earn Tokens

Many members of the Free Awesome Community have taken advantage of the opportunity to fill out offers or surveys to earn tokens for more chances to win cash through our marketing partners. The response has been very positive -- you're earning tokens, spinning the slot machine and winning money at an incredible rate.

Because of this great response, we figured it would be a good time to put together a quick guide that simplifies "Everything you need to know about earning tokens on our offerwalls to play our free slots."

Most of you are probably familiar with what our offerwall is by now, but if not here is a brief explanation. The Offerwalls are a collection of surveys or offers provided by our marketing partners that enable you to earn tokens. An example of these offers are the ability to sign up for a free trial of Netflix or complete a survey about a popular product. If you successfully complete the offer then you are awarded the tokens.

We have done a lot of research on the companies providing these offers in order to provide the best user experience for our members while playing our free online games. The result of which is to provide you with the "best" offerwall companies, and by "best" we mean they provide the highest quality offers and have great customer service.

So even with the "best" Offerwall we sometimes get member feedback with concerns about tokens. Below are the most common questions we hear with some simple solutions to help optimize your offerwall experience.

  1. You didn't give your completed offer enough time to credit. This is the most common reason for us getting member inquiries about tokens. Under each offer there is usually a message letting you know when you should receive your tokens "tokens awarded immediately" "tokens within 1 hour" and "tokens awarded in up to 3 days" are some examples. These messages are pretty accurate so pay attention to them when completing your offer. If you find the messages are inaccurate, let us know and we will do our best to update the information.
  2. You were deemed ineligible by the sponsor. This is completely up to the sponsor and we have no control over this. This is rare but occasionally you may not fit the sponsor profile and thus your survey answers are not relevant to them.
  3. You did not complete the survey in its entirety. Again this is rare, but it happens. One of our most popular offers is the Microsoft Bing Bar. In order to complete the Microsoft Bing Bar offer, simply create a username and password for windows live. Some people forget the last step and are not awarded their tokens.

I completed an offer and didn't get the tokens. What should I do now?

Each of our offerwalls has a "need help" or "missing tokens?" link. This is the best way to figure out where your tokens are. Email the offerwall's customer service through these links, they should get back to you pretty fast with a response to your inquiry, as we try to only partner with companies that have the same high level of customer service that we do. Be sure to forward them any proof that a survey or offer was completed such as an email confirmation from the sponsor. If you don't receive a response from them you can email us and we will try to get to the bottom of it for you.

Any Questions? Email us at